Regard All Phenomena As Dreams


Why this blog?

I dabbled with blogging in the past (using Movable Type) but eventually lapsed. I just didn't feel compelled to regularly post my opinions and musings on the net, there seemed a surfeit of ramblings already.

But, I've found an initial topic that I hope at least a handful of others will find interesting, or if nothing else will provide a resource for some future reader who is searching for helpful information on this rather obscure topic.

I'll no doubt post on other things as well, but initially there will be a burst of posts on this topic as I play 'catch-up' and describe how I got to where I am now. Then, the frequency of posting should go down dramatically once I'm current.

What's the topic? Future posts will make that clear... (And, no, the name of the blog is not a hint...that's a hint for future posts on another topic.)


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