Regard All Phenomena As Dreams



Okay, so I meant to post the previous "Zune" post to my other blog, but this blog has been so idle lately that I decided to leave it.

I'm still noodling with Dolphin, but have been too busy (well, busy with work and/or playing EQ2 constantly) to really do anything lately with Smalltalk and gaming. But, I'm still intending to, well, someday, do some more.

In the meantime I was psyched to hear about Seaside coming over to the latest version of Dolphin....that should be a fun distraction keeping me from doing anything constructive for awhile when I do use Dolphin..... :-)

Microsoft's "Zune"... a name that makes "Wii" look brilliant

Microsoft finally confirmed they're making a challenger to the iPod, but "Zune" (here's hoping this is just a codename still) will evidently be a whole brand name that sounds like it will encompass multiple products eventually. I'm a big fan of music subscription services (I love downloading anything and everything I feel like anytime to my iRiver. I'm using URGE. My Philips HDD6330 is still a bit cranky about WMP 11 thought....), so I have pretty much switched from iPods (who I admit are still the best designed around) over to the 'Plays for Sure' compatible devices like my iRiver and Philips. They're pretty good in their own right, but there's always room for improvemen. Microsoft has certainly proven they can opy-and-improve with the best of 'em, so I hold out some hope this could be good. At the least it'll be interesting!

BBC NEWS | Business | Zune challenge beckons for iPod