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PS3 to beat XBox 360?!?!?

Analyst: PS3 to win next-gen warThe Yankee Group predicts 30 million PS3s, 27 million Xbox 360s, and 11 million Wiis sold in North America by 2011.

Analyst: PS3 to win next-gen war - News at GameSpot

Sorry, but I think the Yankee Group is quite wrong here.  The price point of the PS3 is just too high, and very VERY few people will care about high-def DVD for the next year or two, and by then I don't think the PS3 can catch up with the 360 in North America.  I do think the PS3 will still predominiate in Japan, and maybe predominate in Europe, but I don't see it doing well in America unless Sony rethinks their pricing.

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