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Flipping a coin....

I have a Gateway PC (P4 3.06 w/1G of memory) and iMac (G5 2.0 w/1G of memory), so I could potentially develop something for either platform. In the end, much as I love my mac, I decided to do something primarily targeted for the PC. Why? Because I have more graphic horsepower on the PC (ATI x800 Pro w/256M of memory on the PC vs. an ATI 9600 on the iMac.) and a larger monitor and better sound system. At some point I'm sure I'll do something for the Mac. Apple certainly provides some marvelous tools (XCode 2, Interface Builder, and tons of cool utilities) for free. But, I have to start somewhere, so the Evil Empire gets to go first.

So, the next question: what language?


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