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C# or Java?

Over the last few years at work I've been coding in ASP/Javascript, then C#, and eventually Java. The previous year I was using Websphere/Java, but I switched departments recently and am now back to coding in Visual Studio/C#. I'm not overly partisan regarding either platform. I really don't feel a strong preference for one over the other.

Java has an immense library, and some good free IDEs, with my favorite (at home) IDE being Eclipse with the MyEclipseIDE add-on. (MyEclipse conveniently packages tons of great additional functionality for Eclipse. You could hunt down and install most of what they provide for free, but if nothing else they save you a lot of effort.)

But, I also enjoy working with C#. Visual Studio is very easy to develop in, and, like Java, there's an abundance of support and resources available for either one.

Since my focus is going to be graphics and game creation, I considered C++ too, but didn't want to worry about pointers, garbage collection, etc. etc.. That just doesn't sound appealing. They may not match C++ for speed, but I'm not looking to create the next Half-Life 2 or Doom 3, so I don't think that'll matter.

But, thinking about that reminded me of one of my key goals: not to necessarily pick the most 'efficient', the 'best' language, but to pick something that I would find fun to code in. I won't pretend that my decision is in any way based on careful research or a well-reasoned consideration of all various factors. It's going to be very subjective.

So, time to actually decide...


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