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Visual Age for SmallTalk: Little Orphan VASTie

Once upon a time IBM seemed to be rather interested in Smalltalk, especially back in the 90's when it seemed to have potential to take hold as a more mainstream development environment. Their VisualAge for Smalltalk product was quite sophisticated for its time, and along with VisualWorks was one of the heavyweights in the Smalltalk world.

However, times change, and whatever people were backers of Smalltalk at IBM must have lost interest/left/been outnumbered, because IBM is ceasing support of VAST in 2006. However, Instantiations is adopting the remnants of VAST, and is promising to keep moving forward with it. They do offer a free trial (not sure if it's time limited or not), but it remains pricey pricey pricey, so not suitable for me.

Good luck to Instantiations though....I hope they can keep the product alive and thriving!


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